Strategic Planning

Mason Public Affairs makes a priority of working from a strategic plan. We believe that every successful outreach effort begins with a document that answers meaningful questions. 

  • What, specifically, do you want to accomplish? 
  • What allies and partners can you recruit to your cause?
  • What simple, repeatable messages best reinforce your efforts?
  • What obstacles can you anticipate and overcome?
  • How can you assess your success through measurable, deliverable outcomes?

The plan doesn’t have to be more than a couple pages, but it should be written down, endorsed by all team members -- and it should be followed.

A strategic plan gives your organization command focus – you know what you are doing and why. It facilitates efficient decision-making. You invest your time and treasure only in activities and opportunities that best lead to strategic outcomes. And it permits consequential periodic analysis.

Promotion/Media Relations

Media Relations plays an important role in almost any communications campaign. Mason Public Affairs enjoys long personal relationships with reporters and editors in virtually any Twin Cities market. But circulating your strategic messages should involve far more than seeking media coverage. Today’s savvy publicity campaign can involve direct mail, creative use of email, personal outreach, as well as the growing array of digital media.


The overwhelming (and appropriate) impulse to digitize written communications often neglects the still-relevant opportunities in hard-copy print publishing. Brochures, newsletters, magazines, and even books can provide effective complements to digital publishing that are effective and surprisingly affordable. Mason Public Affairs offers deep experience in producing high quality print products that are well written and superbly designed.


Mason Public Affairs uses its vast experience in journalism and speechwriting to help prepare speeches, articles, profiles and even PowerPoint presentations.

Coalition Building

Identifying and recruiting allied organizations can be useful to achieving your strategic objective, but is often overlooked by strategic outreach planners because it can appear time-consuming and complicated. Mason Public Affairs maintains personal relationship with most organizations that enable it to establish these potential relationships with relative ease.

Polling Research

Mason Public Affairs has become one of Minnesota’s leading contributors of issues-based public polling research that is relevant to the strategic objectives of its clients. Over the last six years, it has organized and published a dozen major statewide polls and has conducted almost 200 focus groups.

Legislative Affairs

Recruiting allies among elected officials plays a frequent role in communications outreach. While not a lobbyist, Mason Public Affairs can use its decades-long experience and long-standing personal relationships throughout the ranks of Minnesota’s local, state, and federal government officials to help plan and execute tactics designed to make them strategic allies.