Tom Mason

When you retain Mason Public Affairs, you get Tom Mason. And not just for rare appearances. This commitment stems from his own frustration with communications firms in the past that send in the Big Guns for occasional meetings, but relegate the real work of the account to younger, less experienced employees. Tom is there from beginning to end and plays a meaningful role in virtually every aspect of the project. 


The Network

Mason Public Affairs has one of the deepest personal professional networks in the market, whether you are looking for elected officials, reporters, business executives, or association professionals – if we don’t know the person, we know someone who does.


The Team

Mason Public Affairs’ “virtual” approach to its vendor relationships enables you to pick and choose contractors that best suit your needs. Almost 40 years in this business gives Mason Public Affairs relationships with elite, work-tested freelancers. 


Billing by project, not time

You should pay for what you get, not the amount of time it took to complete. Mason Public Affairs is always careful to set realistic expectations of what we can do and what it will cost. And not for nothing, we NEVER mark up expenses.